The number of products that can be used to protect your business is growing exponentially through the past decade.

Antivirus | Firewalls | Security Operations Center (SOC) | User Training | Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) | Data Protection | Password Vaults | Email Protection | Vulnerability Scanning | Log Analysis

The list grows as the bad guys find more ways to attack and businesses are forced to defend in the best ways possible.

Having an advocate to help you select and implement the most useful cybersecurity products to protect your business will help you get the most value out of each.   Negotiating, pricing, sizing and recommending products is no easy feet, but as someone that is on your side, I ensure your allocation of funds gets the most value to your business.

I have spent countelss hours at conferences and attending product presentations which gives me insights to the most valueable and newest technologies on the market.  I have also spent 1000's of hours training and implementing some of these solutions to help you navigate the best ways to maximize the value in your business network.   If you are looking for a solution, let me help you find the right one for your business or organization.